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Thank you for sharing this info. My mother in law is in early stages of dementia and exhibiting disinterest in food, weight loss, etc. Encoraging her to eat enough has been a challenge.

Becky Dorner

Thank you Lauryen. Please let me know if I can be of support in any way. You can email me privately at becky@beckydorner.com

Gretchen Newmark

I know very little about this condition. Thank you so much for your comprehensive article.

home care chandler

Food definitely plays its role in preventing Alzheimer’s and also helps in slowing down the whole deterioration process. Some excellent points have been discussed in the article. I would like to suggest a number of foods which should be included in the diet of an Alzheimer’s patient.
The following are just some of the foods that are packed with nutrients that strengthen the mind.
Green Leafy Vegetables
Whole grains
Fish and Poultry
Olive oil

Pat McKay

My husband is in mid stage AD
These suggestions are very helpful.

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