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Kathy J. (Rolfe) Shattler, MS, RDN

"There must not be more than 14 hours between a substantial evening meal and breakfast except in the following conditions:"
up to 16 hours may be allowed if a NOURISHING snack is offered at bedtime and this is your catch - what is NOURISHING? It is a food VERBALLY (NOT PLACED AT THE BEDSIDE) offered singly or in combination with one of the major food groups. Furthermore, the resident must VERBALLY agree to this change in meal timing if this nourishing snack is verbally offered and provided.

Nevertheless, ALL residents are to be offered some kind of bedtime snack.


Brittany Magner,RD

Does it make any difference if our kitchen is open 24/7?

Becky Dorner

A kitchen that is open 24/7 may be nice for the residents if facility staff are actually offering residents the nourishing HS snacks as noted above.


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